April 13, 2010


I had a dream, several times I've had this dream actually, I see myself in the third person, exhausted, bloody, and angry. My feet bound to a pole buried in the earth behind me. In this dream I have my strongest arm tied behind my back, a blindfold covering one eye completely and the other is only partially exposed. The only light is from somewhere overhead, it's dim light reaching no further then my arms possibly could. A gust of wind rips by me, as it does my right arm shoots up to protect my head, a fist smashes into my arm, but misses it's mark. Using my weakest arm I continue to deflect blows. The blows start coming in a  more rapid succession. Most I block some make it through and land. Finally, I free my other hand from the pole. So I begin to not only continue blocking with my right hand, but attacking with my left. Everything then goes black. In my dream, I then awake, the same area, the same scenario, except this time I only have my right ankle tied to the pole. Each one of my hands are tied in fist with little curved razors on each finger. I immediately know that everytime I swing in defense or offense, if I connect those little blades are going to cut into my palms. The light from above gets slightly brighter, as it does, an Unknown Person steps into the light. Even in my fatigued state I know I cannot reach him, nonetheless I remain ready. He stands about 2 heads above me and is not only bigger, but has the look behind his eyes, the look that tells you,"You don't want to fight with this guy. No matter what." He immediately starts throwing jabs, faster than I've ever seen. If I didn't have the adrenaline pumping I feel, I don't think I could stop them. And this fight goes on for a varied amount of time. But at the end of my dream, no matter the other variables in the dream, every time I manage to free my hands from their bindings. I catch the Unknown's arm he howls in pain, and staggers forwards, I immediately grab his shoulders and yank my hands back towards me. Down the whole length of his arms. His arms now remain motionless, by his side. I then wake up. There are many variables in my dreams, but the scenario seems to start and end exactly the same. There is something to be said for Dreams, and I could go on and on, but I won't. For me dreams, are the culmination of everything that goes on in your life. Some of it is already processed, but most of it can't be processed, not by our logical thinking minds. Our brains then figure out the best metaphor to use to relay this information back to us. Sometimes we get it and other times, we miss it. This dream however, is clear as night and day to me.
©Rob Romero 2010

- Marcus Garvey - "With confidence, you have won before you have started."

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March 09, 2010

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